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Telematics - how it works.



Real Time Vehicle Tracking:

With the help of Connected Vehicle, you can find out where your vehicles are in the country with REAL TIME tracking. Connected Vehicle constantly updates the location of every vehicle of your fleet on the website. Also, now you can monitor the movement of your vehicles with options of zoom and search your vehicles on a digital map. Determines the exact location of your vehicles with a user friendly graphical map.


Set specific zones around the areas where your vehicles will be travelling. This concept is known as Geo-Fences. These fences notify you if any of the vehicles move out of these zones via SMS or email. These include delivery points, warehouses, factories, loading & unloading sites etc.


A range of alerts designed to notify you via email or SMS for various situations like over-speeding, entering/exiting a geo-fence, over speeding, Vehicle Error Codes etc. These alerts enable the fleet owner to take action in case of emergencies or urgent issues.

Report Generation:

Generate the reports of your choice like vehicle per day/month travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet summary, etc. and improve the performance of your fleet. Our software makes sure you get an in-detail analysis which helps the user improve the fleet performance.

Remote Unit Management:

The units installed in your vehicles can be diagnosed, programmed or configured by the over-the-air (FOTA) programming facility.

Harsh Acceleration & Braking alerts:

Set Harsh-Braking and Harsh-Acceleration alerts for your vehicles to know when drivers are driving rash. This in-depth analysis can secure your vehicle and your valuable cargo against accidents.

Over Speeding & Engine Idling:

Connected vehicle gives ability to monitor the Vehicle Over Speeding & Engine idling for all your vehicles. Minimizing engine idling can lead to significant savings in fuel costs.

Mobile App:

The exciting Android mobile application of Connected Vehicle gives you the power to manage your fleet with the convenience of your mobile phone. User can track vehicle location, speed, travel time and get alerts for all your vehicles.




Quad-band 900/1800 MHz 850/1900 MHz GPRS class 12, 1~12 configurable(up to 85,6 kbps) SMS (text/data)


NMEA protocol compatible. Messages:GGA,GGL,GSA, GSV, RM 33 (Tracking) /99 (Acquisition) channels GPS/GLONASS receiver with <2.5m CEP Inbuilt patch antenna/PCB antenna High sensitivity: 165dBm@Tracking, -148dBm@Acquisition


1-Wire RF-ID protocol for driver identification 2 Analog input 1 Digital output & 1 Digital input Power supply (+9…+36)V DC 4 Status LEDs:GSM,GPS,Processing Firmware upload through FOTA Configuration through FOTA USB port 9 DOF IMU(Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Ghyro) Internal High Gain GSM & GPS/GLONASS antenna Buzzer ,Buit in SIM card Diagnostic Interface via CAN & K-line interface


Real Time tracking 9 DOF IMU (accelerometer, magnetometer,ghyro) Operating in roaming networks. Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP) FOTA (firmware updating via GPRS) Read Diagnostic Error Codes Reading Diagnostic datas like Vehicle Speed, Engine RPM… Configurable device behavior to save GPRS data Excessing Idling detection & overspeeding detection SIM card Built 4GB SD card for logging data IMU unit to monitor driver behaviour and to detect vehicle roll over chances. On board driver feed back using BUZZER Graphical representation of datas in the server On -Board Emergency Call facility implemented Battery Back-up 60 hrs. ABS Enclosure

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