Rebel LT

The Rebel LT Lite Data Logger, the most powerful fleet data logger available…

The Rebel LT is a cost effective CAN bus, K-Line and GPS data logging solution. Additionally these data loggers have 4 high speed analog input channels and 4 digital inputs as standard. The Rebel LT supports advanced functionality such as CAN monitoring, CCP and UDS data logging.

2x CAN buses

1x K-Line

4x Analog Inputs

SDHC card logging

ABS enclosure

Supports J1939 and OBD logging

Connects to Module Analyser for on-line CAN Analyser functionality

The Rebel Lite can be combined and stacked with Influx Technology’s K-Box for additional sensors and thermocouples.

Add-on modules:

Internal 10Hz GPS with socket for external antenna

1kHz internal XYZ accelerometer +/-16G max

3G Modem