k-boxStackable instrumentation…

The K-Box is our new generation of instrumentation. Accurate sensor measurement data is transmitted periodically on the CAN Bus enabling multiple devices to be connected together.

The stackable K-Box is an ideal solution for applications that require a large number of thermocouple and analog inputs. (For example 10 K-Boxes can be used to acquire data from 80 thermocouples).

The K-Box CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily configurable. These settings are stored in the K-Box even when not powered.



Wide switchable software voltage input ranges +/-80V, +/-40V, +/-20V or +/-10V

Accuracy Analog +0.0015%, Thermocouples +0.08%

High input impedance


Key Features:

Stackable ABS enclosure

Simple signal configuration using a DBC file

Each unit enables up to 8 K-type connections at 20Hz sampling rate and 8 Analog inputs at 1kHz sampling rate

Pulse Width Measurement: 3 inputs frequency measurements or pulse measurements

Outputs: 4 Relay outputs. (option)

Regulated +5V and +12V output power supply for external sensors

Instrumentation data time synchronised with recorded vehicle network data

K-Box power up and power down is controlled by wake up from CAN

Analog inputs and thermocouple inputs are galvanically isolated

All Influx Technology products are backed up by a dedicated and highly experienced team of software engineers.