Instrumentation made simpleh-box

The H-Box offers a simple solution to integrate external vehicle sensors with vehicle network data. It does this by connecting the Rebel instrumentation ports to the H-Box which has 7 BNC connectors for the analog input and up to 8 thermocouple inputs.

The H-Box is ideal for applications where there is a smaller limit to the number of external sensors required (maximum of 14 Analog inputs and 16 Thermocouple inputs). However the setup is simple and it is possible to configure and collect data in minutes.

Additional software support for the H-Box is provided by the H-Box calibration tool. This is a freely distributable application which enables you to accurately calibrate each channel independently.


Key features:

Robust metal enclosure

Simple configuration using DiaLog’s integrated BUS settings

Enables 8 K-Type connections at 2Hz sampling rate and 7 BNC Analog inputs at 1KHz sampling rate

Analog input range -20V to +20V

Regulated +5V and +12V output power supply for external sensors

Instrumentation data time synchronised with the recorded vehicle network data

H-Box power up and power down is controlled by the Rebel data logger in sleep modes so there is no user action required.