Synchronized Video-Logger Systems


  Automatic synchronized recording & playback of video/audio and data channels

  Continuous synchronization of video and data throughout recording (independent of lap markers)

  Unlimited user-configurable layouts can include video & audio player (2 channels of audio)

  Variable video window size in each layout with automatic video import and synchronization

  Instantaneous access to video image for any point in the data

  Real-time video playback with dynamic links to all other data displays

  Compare-Video option enables replay and comparison of 2 sets of video against time or distance


  Racing Cars

  Sports Cars

  Performance Cars

  Off-road vehicles

  Off-highway instrumentation and monitoring



The Stack Synchronized Video-Logger System enables up to 256 channels of data from any point on a vehicle to be recorded synchronously with video from as many as 4 cameras and 2 channels of audio. Video and audio may be recorded on a variety of equipment and media.

Stack DVL/DVRs can now offer an integated approch to syncrosnised video-logging. They have a built-in CAN interface, enabling connection to one or more Stack data expansion modules or a third party ECU, to provide synchronous video and audio recording with up to 128 data channels. Data from the CAN interface, optional GPS receiver, plus the internal 3-axis G-sensor and real time clock, are recorded with the video and audio onto the CF card for subsequent replay and analysis using the Stack DataPro software supplied. Data channels can be recorded at an individual record rate of 1-500Hz.. Further data channels may be added by using expansion packs - up to 256 data channels are available.

Synchronize footage from any video source

However, you can continue to use your existing video recorder if you prefer. The system uses a unique approach to enable data from our Display and data logging Systems to be continuously synchronized with video and audio recorded using a standard camcorder or video recorder.

Compare Video

STACK-Compare Video

With the ability see and hear exactly what was happening at any point in the recorded data, synchronized video-logging completely redefines on-vehicle Data Logging. Plus our ‘Compare-Video' option (above) enables 2 sets of video and data to be compared against distance or time, providing an invaluable new tool for the driver coach and chassis engineer.

Despite its compact size and portability, the system is also extremely rugged and will operate in extreme environments from –40°C to +85°C, making it an ideal solution for anyone collecting vehicle data.

DataPro Synchronized Video Software

The Stack Synchronized Video-Logger System is compatible with the latest version of our data analysis software - DataPro.

A full overview of the software features can be seen on the DataPro pages. However, below we have highlighted a new feature in the software and one which provides an invaluable tool in both driver coaching as well as vehicle test and setup.

The system requirements for DataPro software with Synchronized Video can be seen on our System Requirements page.

 Synchronized Video Analysis & Lap Comparison

STACK-Synchronized Video Analysis & Lap Comparison


1. With all display windows in the DataPro software being dynamically linked, the video can be navigated instantaneously with a single mouse-click on the track map or on the strip chart - the ultimate 'jog-and-shuttle' control, providing an ease and accuracy previously unattainable.

2. Replay the video, and listen to the audio, at speeds from 0.1x to 2.0x normal speed, using the mouse to select the point in the data to play from.

3. The ‘Compare-Video' option provides comparison against distance to visually see different lines taken through turns, or comparison against time to easily identify the effects of time gains and losses.

4. The user configurable data overlay capability enables a video file to be saved to DVD for example, and replayed without the synchronized data.

5. The data and video are automatically synchronized continuously throughout recording, enabling the automatic import and synchronization of the data files on the PC using a helpful import wizard, without user intervention.




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