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Vehicles Supported____________

bullet-grTATA Motors

bullet-grAshok Leyland

bullet-grAshok Leyland - Light Vehicles

bullet-grSML ISUZU

bullet-grForce Motors

bullet-grEicher Motors

bullet-grBharat Benz

bullet-grWABCO - ABS

bullet-grTRW - ABS


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CORE Features____________

bullet-grHandheld with user friendly Firmware

bullet-grCommunicates with multiple ECU’s

bullet-grMultiple Protocols & Automatic Protocol selection

bullet-grInbuilt Power supply, no external charging required

bullet-grBigger TFT display

bullet-grMultiple parameters visibility

bullet-grCompare parameters

bullet-grData Logging enabled

bullet-grDTC’s with Cause & Remedial action

bullet-grAdjust required parameters

bullet-grOnline firmware updation

bullet-grOffline GUI Software for Logged data analysis


Introduction to Vehicle Scanner______________

bullet-grTo co-operate with the growing electronic & Sensors complexities across the Vehicle, Diagnostic Scanners has been introduced which help the user to identify & resolve the problem.

bullet-grTools that are customized to OE specific requirements and developed in complete confidentiality with proprietary controls governed by OEM

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Hardware Features_________________

bullet-gr-tprHandheld Scanner

bullet-gr-tprExternal Communication via K – Line / CAN

bullet-gr-tprCAN Communication via J1939 Protocol / UDS

bullet-gr-tprPower supply range 08 Volt – 32 Volt

bullet-gr-tpr32 Bit, 120 MHz ARM Cortex Series Processer

bullet-gr-tprMemory 2GB inbuilt

bullet-gr-tprOnline Data Logger

bullet-gr-tprIn built 09 volt Power Supply

bullet-gr-tprTFT 4.3“ Display

bullet-gr-tprTouch pad

bullet-gr-tprJ1962M to DB9F, OBD Cable

bullet-gr-tprUploading the data to PC via USB 3.0

bullet-gr-tprEMI/ EMC protection enabled



Software Features_________________

bullet-gr-tprSoftware Selectable options for Bosch Diesel - EDC15 (12Volt), Bosch Diesel - EDC16 (24 Volt), Bosch Diesel - EDC17 (12 Volt & 24 Volt), CNG- AFS, CNG- Delphi, Body Control ECU, BSIV OBDII

bullet-gr-tprAutomatic Protocol (CAN / KWP) Selection

bullet-gr-tprDisplay Real Time data

bullet-gr-tprAdjust ECU Parameters

bullet-gr-tprSet Vehicle Speed

bullet-gr-tprWrite Injector Code (IMA)

bullet-gr-tprTest Actuator

bullet-gr-tprRead & Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)

bullet-gr-tprEnvironmental Condition

bullet-gr-tprFreeze Frame Data

bullet-gr-tprRead & Write Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN )

bullet-gr-tprPassword Protection for user selectable parameters

bullet-gr-tprSaving option enabled

bullet-gr-tprOnline update of Firmware

Package Contains_________________

Digiscan-Package contains

bullet-grDIGI SCAN. Diagnostic Scanner

bullet-grJ1962M to DB9F, OBD Cable

bullet-grUSB Cable 2.0

bullet-grSoftware CD contains GUI S/w

bullet-grUser's Manual

bullet-grCarrying Pouch



bullet-grSize - W x H x D- 91.5 x 41.5 x 176 mm.

bullet-grWeight - 350 Grams (Approx)

bullet-grBody Color – Black & Navy Blue

bullet-grPC Sync – USB Port (3.0)

bullet-grVersion – BST -

bullet-grLanguage – English

bullet-grTFT Display – 4.3” Mode – Color 32 bit

bullet-grKeypad – Soft touch pad

bullet-grProduct Type – Compact

bullet-grUser Manual Language – English




DIGISCAN Select ECU______________

bullet-gr-tprEDC 15 (VP-37)

bullet-gr-tprEDC 16 (24 Volt)

bullet-gr-tprEDC 17 (24 Volt - 6 Cylinder), CRS

bullet-gr-tprEDC 17 (12 Volt - 4 Cylinder),CRS

bullet-gr-tprCNG (12 Volt)

bullet-gr-tprOBDII BSIV

bullet-gr-tprUpload to PC

bullet-gr-tprErase Memory






Select Options______________

bullet-gr-tprLive Data

bullet-gr-tprAdjust Parameters

bullet-gr-tprWrite Injection Quantity Adjustment (IQA)

bullet-gr-tprDiagnostics Trouble Codes

bullet-gr-tprEnvironmental Conditions

bullet-gr-tprFreeze Frame Error

bullet-gr-tprCause & Remedial action

bullet-gr-tprTest Actuators






Vehicles Supported___________

bullet-gr-tprTATA Motors

bullet-gr-tprAshok Leyland

bullet-gr-tprAshok Leyland - Light Vehicles

bullet-gr-tprSML ISUZU

bullet-gr-tprForce Motors

bullet-gr-tprEicher Motors

bullet-gr-tprBharat Benz

bullet-gr-tprWABCO - ABS

bullet-gr-tprTRW - ABS








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