Live Tracking

Real Time Vehicle Tracking.


Current Position of all the vehicles including Engine Status, Vehicle Speed, Temperature, GSM Signal Strength, Current Location. Also it shows the Vehicle Status (Running, Halted, Idling or Stopped).


User will get Vehicle Name, Vehicle Speed, Recent Location, Ignition Status, GSM Signal Strength, Last updated time, GPS Strength & Temperature data of any particular vehicles.

Trip Routes

Shows complete routes in detail which the vehicle has traveled through. Complete route MAP in UP & DOWN manner.

Trip Reports

Report Generation which includes, Trip report, Notification report, Fuel Report etc.


Alerts are – Vehicle Ignition Status, Geo Fence violation, Over speed detection, Tow alarm, Device (GEO3) removal alarm, Vehicle Documentation alert .


Prevention from Vehicle Theft which enables the owner to lock the Vehicle remotely in case if the vehicle is stolen.

Remote Unit Management

The Device (Geo 3) which is installed in User’s vehicles can be Diagnosed, Programmed or Configured by FOTA (Firmwire Over The Air).

Over speeding & Engine Idling

Connected vehicle gives ability to monitor the Vehicle Over speeding & Engine Idling.

Geo Fencing

Set Specific zones around the Zone where the vehicle will be travelling. This concept is known as Geo – Fences.

Harsh Acceleration & Braking alerts

Set Harsh-Braking and Harsh-Acceleration alerts for your vehicles to know when drivers are driving rash. This in-depth analysis can secure your vehicle and your valuables against accidents.

Vehicle Diagnostics

CAN & K-line data will be available from the ECU through which user can get the P-Codes & Live Parameters.

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