PRAGATHI SOLUTIONS, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, based in Bangalore, India, is a nebula of expertise professionals grooming with radiance in the diversified arena of Information Technology.


Executive Summary

Bullet-gr Geography :

            A Bangalore, India based Company

Bullet-gr Company Inception :

            Commenced operations in August, 2006

Bullet-gr Core Competence:

            Vehicle Diagnostics (VCI), ECU Dataset Flashing, Remote Diagnostics via GPS & GPRS, Vehicle Data logger, Vehicle Oscilloscope, Web based Enterprise application..

Bullet-gr Research :

            A complete Research & Development team of experienced professionals

Bullet-gr Manufacturing:

            Manufacturing of Vehicle Diagnostics Products.

Bullet-gr Services:

            We have the Service team with committed Reach time & Delivery Schedule.


Our Research & Development System is promoted for furtherance and improved application of embedded technology. We also work as an Instrumentation Company. Pragathi Solutions is poised to be a premier services company providing best in class, end-to-end solutions in the Embedded Technology space.

Our company is known as the leading industry in the market. It is the result of the hard of our professionals since the year of incorporation. Some other points of our company is timely delivery, prompt solution of query, quality approved products and low cost. That’s why customers prefer to purchase our products.

We ensure quality performance and complete client satisfaction as we are in the field to lend efficiency, dynamism and uniqueness to effectively retain our goodwill as Pragathi Solutions has been holding since the beginning.

Our goal is to give our clients what they require & we look forward to hear your software requirements for us to review and make our best offer for your consideration.

Pragathi Solutions Founded as a Embedded Solutions company in 2006, has grown to become a global provider of Strategic IT Solutions with more than 30 employees. Pragathi Solutions services offer comprehensive solutions to new economy enterprises across a wide range of platforms and technologies.

Pragathi Solutions is a Embedded System Company working in the domain of:

Bullet-gr Defense Labs
Bullet-gr Automobile Sector
Bullet-gr Railways
Bullet-gr Electronics, Telecom, Electrical, Instrumentation
Bullet-gr Medical Electronics Sector
Bullet-gr Lasers
Bullet-gr Drivers Development
Bullet-gr Programmable & PID
Bullet-gr Power Supply Sector
Bullet-gr System Integration
Bullet-gr Device Driver Development

Swiffy Output

v-and-m-imgbullet Vision : Enriching people’s life

bullet Mission: Providing unique & innovative automotive Products & Services that Deliver superior measurable values

Platform Capability..

We have developed a complete Vehicle Diagnostics, ECU Flashing & Telemetric platform which includes -  Hardware Design, Firmware Design, GUI Driver Development, Multithreaded Server Middleware, Web Based Application..

Industry & Products

Our well-governed processes help our customers to manage engagements at our development center. Customers experience our skills across the whole spectrum of IT services from Software Development with Research, Implementation, Consulting, Training & Service Support.

Manpower Structure

Bullet-gr  Engineers Hardware Design & Development :  8 Members

Bullet-gr Engineers Software Design & Development : 10 members

Bullet-gr Production & Testing Team :  8 Members

Bullet-gr Service, Installation & Customer Support:  10 members

Bullet-gr Outsourced team for Service:  15 members

Bullet-gr Finance :  4 members

Bullet-gr Sales & Business Development :  6 members

Development Process

Pragathi Solutions, with its ambitious & focused team towards total customer satisfaction has gained values and long term relationships with the clients .

We invite you to evaluate our capabilities and expertise in order to enhance your efficiency and profits.

We are here to shape technology for your utility.